Jardins do Morgado

19 Units

From 312 000€

T1 to T3


Setúbal is a cosmopolitan city situated south of Lisbon which benefits from its close proximity to the capital and its privileged view to the Atlantic Ocean and the Sado Estuary. Only 30 minutes by car to the Lisbon city centre, 15 minutes ferry ride to the paradisiac beaches of Comporta and 20 minutes away to two golf courses, Setúbal has all you need.
Morgado of Setúbal was a famous Portuguese painter who lived at the end of 18th century. Originally from Mafra, he moved to Setúbal as he fell in love with the scenery and his passion for the sea. It was here in Setúbal where he developed his love for art and where he earned his fame at national but also international level. Very fond of nature subjects, the majority of his paintings revolved around trees, plants and animals. It is believed that once in Setúbal, one of his painting exhibiting a cat had to be removed because a dog thought it was a live animal.

Project Characteristics

  • High quality finishes
  • Private condominium
  • Outdoor Pool
  • Private Gym
  • Storage units


Situated less than 30 minutes’ drive and 40 minutes via public transport, is the cosmopolitan and busy Portuguese capital. A short distance away, you can experience the architectural beauty and gastronomy that Lisbon has to offer.

Setúbal is a coastal town surrounded by the Serra da Arrábida and the most beautiful beaches in Portugal. Located on the River Sado, 15 minutes by boat from Soltroia, this location is known for its surrounding beauty and local gastronomy.


Year Built
T1 to T3
2 302 m²
Humberto e Humberto
Price from
312 000€
Converge Preferência
Garage, private gardens, outdoor pool, gym
Construction Company
BWA Construction

For Sale

Jardins do Morgado

Rua da Tebaida · Setúbal, Portugal

G.C.A. 2 302 m² · Typology T1 to T3 · Architects Humberto e Humberto · Price from 312 000€

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