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Alcácer do Sal

Alcacer Palace

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Alcacer Palace

An historic manor house that belonged to a very wealthy Portuguese family. The project will include 9 apartments from 1 bedroom to 3-bedroom maintaining the historical and traditional architectural traces of the house with a modern touch in every apartment. In addition some apartments will have patios to enjoy the abundant sunshine that Portugal has to offer

8 Apartments
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Currently the municipality of Alcácer do Sal has 13,000 habitants over 1500km2 being the biggest municipality by land size in Portugal. The city of Alcácer is the centre of the municipality with over 6700 habitants, its historical beauty and unique scenery is what makes this city a true hidden gem. From its well preserved castle from the 12th century or the once famous rice fields there is multiple things to enjoy in this marvellous city

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