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Intervening in order to create a positive change for the children who are at the risk of social exclusion whom due to their circumstances, are not able to facilitate a rehabilitation process. Wave by Wave aims to promote physiological health through surfing.

The participants complete surfing lessons supervised by professional surfing instructors as well as psychologists.

The sessions consist of initial surfing lessons, carried out by trained and qualified surf instructors; Activities that promote socio-emotional skills, which ultimately stimulates personal development in areas such as resilience, self-awareness, problem solving and emotional management, supervised by mental health experts; Activities that also stimulate social integration and valuable lessons with regards to beach safety, techniques for helping castaways, health promotion and well-being.

The objective of these activities are to promote self-awareness, personal growth, breaking the cycle of violence and trauma, emotional management and also to prevent social isolation and exclusion. The long term objective is children who are personally and professionally well integrated and are active and contributing members of the society.

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