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Life changing art

The project works with young people aged 5 to 16 through an art as therapy method that is unique in Portugal, and has its roots in
The Art Room model, and aims to develop their self-esteem,
self-confidence as well as their autonomy and emotional, behavioral and social skills.

The Darte Sessions take place in schools and institutions that request the service and refer the students, our Darte Students.

Educating to be, through art.

The Darte method has its roots in The Art Room model: art as therapy sessions in a warm, safe and stimulating environment, where positive reinforcement plays a central role.

The artistic creation is used as the transforming therapeutic vehicle, and the art work is an important longlasting representation of success. The environment of the Darte Sessions empowers the estabelishment of positive, trusting relationships, as well as experimenting and learning social and emotional skills. The artistic projects also promote learning some contents of the national educational curriculum.

This is a very personalized intervention model, with a good adults to participants ratio. The artistic projects made in the Darte Sessions are always planed regarding the individual needs of the Darte Students, as well as the group needs and dynamics.

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