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BWA Construction's main goal is the client's satisfaction, fulfilling time and the agreed budget. There is no better method to advertise our company than the recommendation of a satisfied customer.

We offer services throughout the entire construction service, here is a breakdown:


1. Projects from scratch:

This involves everything from the initial planning stage to the delivery of the key
of the final product. Alongside a team of architects and engineers, the process
starts with creating a digital version of the design and verifying all the details
with the investor, as the construction starts.

2. Projects with an existing design:

BWA begins the work after the approval of a budget to execute
a pre-defined project.

our story

BWA Construction was born in 1981, completing projects for third parties of various types and segments. Throughout its growth, it began to carry out works for BWA Group’s real estate development sector, while seeking, at the same time, to increase its volume of works for third parties.

why BWA Construction

Our experience in navigating the complexities of construction works allows us to guarantee a level of quality suited to the needs and requirements of each client, through a team that is dedicated to each project.




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