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Across is a global service provider and the investment management arm of BWA Group, we are experienced investment consultants to national as well as international investors.

Our sphere of operations includes sales, investment management and investment advisory.

Our services divide into 3 main categories:


Property assessment

A successful sale begins with a fair evaluation, Across performs financial and economical assessments regarding properties as well as the area they are situated in and reaches a profitable but market level price.


The next step is to advertise the property, through a global network of partners, Across presents its properties to investors from different parts of the world. Considering the fact that we now live in an age of technology, Across has also invested into digital portals in order to maximize the exposure every property receives.

Selling Process

Upon the request of a client, property visits are scheduled, this gives the prospects the opportunity to evaluate the property on a first hand basis, after a decision is reached, the contracts and paperwork are also taken care by Across and its legal partners.

In regards to foreign investors, this includes receiving clients in the airport, visiting properties and introducing Portugal as a country, providing interpretation services where applicable, arranging meetings for the clients and accompanying them, such as meetings with lawyers and banks.

Investment advisory

Multi-variable assessment and planning

Often times, clients prefer to visit several properties in order to have a variety of options. After the visits are concluded, Across prepares a comparison between the visited properties, this comparison factors many variables into the equation, such as personal requests and preferences set by the client, assessment of the location, expected rate of return as well as appreciation and other factors such as taxation.

This enables Across to present a tailor made investment plan for its clients according to their needs and demands.

Investment management

Once a property is purchased, an investor may wish to use it as a passive source of income, Across manages the properties on behalf of the clients, this includes seeking and signing tenants, managing the property , ensuring that the necessary tax procedures take place on behalf of the clients. Across also manages resales in case a client is interested in capital gains.

Golden Visa

The Portuguese golden visa is an opportunity for non-European individuals to gain residency status in Portugal through investments. Here’s how the process is done :

Why Portugal

Unexpected, Unforgettable, Unmatched

As the most western country in Europe, Portugal offers a unique life experience to everyone. Portugal has a distinct cultural identity, developed through a rich history that roots back to centuries ago, and has always been an influencer regionally and internationally as well with traces of Portugal’s footprints being visible in Brazil all the way to Macau, China.

A concoction of cuisines cooked with the best spices form around the world, sandy white dune beaches and crystal clear waters, and of course, a burning passion for Football. A high quality life-style in one of the safest countries in the world as well as world class standards is what Portugal offers to those who choose to come here.

A second chance

The story of a Syrian who was reunited with his mother in Portugal after 5 years. Despite the hardship and the destruction brought on by war, Portugal gave him a place to call home and an opportunity to pursue his studies and dreams.

In the post covid world!

According to Forbes, the best place to live in a post covid-19 world is Algarve, Portugal!

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